About OMG

Who We Are

A network of assignors across the country involved in the assigning and development of referees in all communities. We work with your local assignors to develop a plan to provide your event/tournament/league qualified officials. Work with the local and state officials to provide learning opportunities for referees at your event.

What We Do

Recruitment and Verifications of Referees 
  • Solicit qualified referees from across the country 
  • Select qualified refs from list of applications USSF registered referee 
  • Verify registration, grade, good standing 
  • Non-USSF registered referee 
  • Verify country registration 
  • Coordinate approval procedure with US Soccer 
Cost Factors
  • Management Fees 
  • Assigning Fees 
  • Game Fees 
  • Travel assistance for qualified referees 
  • Hotel for traveling referees 
  • Game day nourishment at field(s) location 
  • Referee game day operations for all playing sites 
  • Manage and distribute game fees to referee after the tournament is completed 
  • Provide detail accounting of all fees, expenses and funds 
  • Supplies expenses as needed (submitted in advance) 
  • Referee evaluation staff 

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