About Officials Management Group

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A network of assignors across the country involved in the assigning and development of referees in all communities. We work with your local assignors to develop a plan to provide your event/tournament/league qualified officials. Work with the local and state officials to provide learning opportunities for referees at your event.


Get Connected

  • Solicit qualified referees from across the country 

  • Select qualified refs from list of applications USSF registered referee 

  • Verify registration, grade, good standing 

  • Non-USSF registered referee 

  • Verify country registration 

  • Coordinate approval procedure with US Soccer


  • Management Fees 

  • Assigning Fees 

  • Game Fees 

  • Travel assistance for qualified referees 

  • Hotel for traveling referees 

  • Game day nourishment at field(s) location 

  • Referee game day operations for all playing sites 

  • Manage and distribute game fees to referee after the tournament is completed 

  • Provide detail accounting of all fees, expenses and funds 

  • Supplies expenses as needed (submitted in advance) 

  • Referee evaluation staff 


OFFICIALS MANAGEMENT GROUP works with the top officiating organizations accross the country to host training sessions for referees during the year. Available training events are listed here when they are open for registration. Complete the registration form if one is required and Officials Managemet Group representatives will notify you of next steps closer to the event date.​

Feedback During Events

Officials Management Group will work with your local and state associations to provide on-site referee coaches and mentors during your event. This will vary from event by event. Onsite referee coaches/mentors observe games and provide feedback to the officials during the event. We will use these observations to provide feedback during training sessions.

Leagues & Tournament Management

Coming Soon!



Richard Triche - Principal

  • National USSF Referee – Retired 

  • MLS, USL PDL and Pro game, International games, Adult National Championship games 

  • National USSF Assessor 

  • Manager of Assignments – U,S. Soccer (Chicago, IL) 2.5 yrs - Developed the protocol and procedures for the US Soccer Development Academy - Coordinated and managed a national pool of assignors for US Soccer Development League, MLS Reserves, USL Pro , NASL USL PDL, international friendly games and other types of games 

  • Member National Instruction Staff - Developed, produced and created booklets, manuals, videos for referee training - Conducted Referee Academy at tournaments around the country for US Soccer - Assisted in the design and procedures for academies across the country 

  • USSF Assignor (local) - USSF Local Area Assignor (LAC) for US Soccer sponsored games in Texas (12 years) - Assign ECNL Houston Challenge games, USL Super 20 games in Texas, WPSL games in Texas 

  • South Texas Referees - State Referee Administrator and Operations manager 

  • Owned and managed media companies for the production, duplication and distribution of training and publicity materials for corporations across the country 

  • Consultant and Director of Marketing for GameOfficials.net, an official’s assigning software solution that is used by US Soccer and numerous clubs and state associations across the United States and Canada 

  • Designing and coordinating the development and implementation of online training solutions for officials