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July - Boys ECNL Finals

This year the ECNL boys finals were held in St. Louis, Missouri

Pictured: South Texas referee Davis Kelly.

From the author

In St. Louis Missouri we saw some intense matches over the hot July weekend. Our officials managed ECNL Boys U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17 matches. Officials Management Group brought in national referee coaches Craig Lowry, Aby Okulaja, Ali Saheli, and Scott Weyland to continue educational sessions throughout the tournament. St. Louis was so hot, that ECNL even split up the games to the early mornings and the late evenings in order to prevent burnout in our players and officials.

ECNL boys final crew list:

  • U13 final - R. Bradley Church, AR1 Nancy Camarillo AR2 Payton Webb, 4th official Sage Pfingsten

  • U14 final - R. Ali Abdulsahib, AR1 Daniel Ortega, AR2 Davis Kelly, 4th official Jusma Mboumba

  • U15 final - R. Chris Turner, AR1 Andrew Scheneman, AR2 Andrew Whelihan, 4th official Juan Notario

  • U16 final - R. Trevor Wiseman, AR1 Tim Wagner, AR2 Sergio Yacopi, 4th official Michael Almeida

  • U17 final - R. Olvin Olivia, AR1 Edgar Garcia, AR2 Noah Haver, 4th official Anthony Almedia


After a long weekend of competitive soccer and brutal mid-summer temperatures, our staff at OMG walked away with a successful trip. Officials returned home with sunburnt faces, a greater understanding of the game, and having met at least one new person.

More Info

OMG continues to provide officials with more opportunities to officiate ECNL events. Up-to-date events can be found here. If you would like to apply to officiate an ECNL event, head over to our "register" section. If you are a licensed USSF official and have officiated ECNL events before and would like to join our Facebook group, apply here.

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