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Welcome to iRef - a platform for referees

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

iRef is an educational and social platform created by Officials Management Group. Here, we share the voices of the referees and dive deeper into the inspiration, education, growth, and ongoing value of repeating the process of what becoming a referee entails.

ECNL Finals referee selection in Richmond, Virginia (July 2022)

What we've been up to

Over the past few years, Officials Management Group has managed the assigning of referees for all national ECNL events, hand-selecting assigners, referee coaches, and officials from across the country to participate in the most elite youth tournaments and games. Almost every event, OMG provides the participants with national referee coaches and conducts educational sessions during the tournaments. Referees get feedback from accredited coaches, whilst having open discussion with other officials. Occasionally, OMG's social media manager will tag along to events and document the tournaments via social media and photographs.

Why we do it

We want you to be heard. We believe in highlighting the stories' of all referees, regardless of your credentials or background. We seek to find your "why", and pass that message along to the referee community so we can inspire, learn, and grow from one another. We're here to cultivate an educational and growth-filled environment for your every day referee.

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